Born in a back chamber of the U.N. during the Suez Crises, Hein Hoven was quickly snatched from his surrogate mother's arms by Secret Service agents and whisked off to the maternal care of Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland.

It was here, under the watchful eye of a young Stephen Hawking, that Hein began his life. Having turned down an offer by the Tibetan religious elite for Hein to be the next Dalai Lama, Dr. Hawking moved him to a mountain retreat in Austria for extensive training. Home-taught by a corps of celebrities, philosophers and British Airways stewardesses, Hein was finger painting in Cubism by four, fluent in Swahili by six, and Timothy Leary's personal archivist and traveling secretary by nine.

Never breaking stride in his accomplishments, Hein was sent to the Albert Einstein Grammar School of Micronesia so he could truly excel. Soon after, on a scholarship from a Canadian Forestry conglomerate, Hein attended the University of Grenada where he majored in Counter Eco-Terrorism with an emphasis on ant farming and molecular expressionism through exhaust emissions.

With college behind him, Hein caught a ride on a mail barge to the island of Puerto Rico where he landed a job at the Bacardi Rum factory as their premier product development engineer. It was at this position that Hein came up with the idea for flavored vodka, selling the patent to Absolut for a small but tidy profit. (Stoli is currently suing Hein claiming the company paid off his $900,000 Hard Rock Casino bar tab in exchange for the patent).

Hein currently resides in Palm Springs where in between working as the Creator of a very interesting TV series, he teaches Henna tattooing and glass blowing. His weekly column in SOLDIER OF FORTUNE magazine; "My Life As A Commando In Hollywood", is still on newsstands.

Im a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm
Im a runaway son of the nuclear a-bomb
I am a worlds forgotten boy
Im the one who searches and destroys

- Iggy Pop, not realizing he was describing me


Well, if you really must know...

I was born in Den Hague, Netherlands and immigrated with my family to Hollywood when I was young. I started playing the Viola when I was 8, and I seemed to have picked up many more instruments along the way. I continued my lessons at Hollywood High and Beverly Hills High until I left school at 16. That's when I went on the road with the Doobie Brothers (for more informal "Life" lessons) as a roadie for several years. I also worked with Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Pablo Cruise, The Sales Brothers, Foreigner, The Baby's, Rush, Cheap Trick, Little River Band, Earth Wind and Fire and even Connie Stevens (My Las Vegas stint).

After the Doobies, I ended up being the house soundman at Max's Kansas City in N.Y.C. This was in the Punk heyday, Late 70's. The bands that rolled thru the club were Blondie, Talking Heads, New York Dolls, Johnnie Thunders, Cyndi Lauper, REM, B-52s Patty Smith, Ramones, Dictators, Wayne County (who later became Jane County) Brian and the Tom Cats (more about them later) and on and on and on. It's silly to make a list really, because it was everybody from those heady Punk days.

Somehow, I also managed to tour with Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, Iggy Pop, The Helen Shipley Band, The Plasmatics, Levi and The Rock Cats, The Billies and The Clash around this time.

I moved to London to work with The Tom Robinson Band and stayed for eleven years. During which time I produced, engineered and/or re-mixed many top recording artists of the day such as: Roger Daltrey, Flesh For Lulu, The Damned, The Truth, DKP, Plain Jane, Amazulu, Getting the Fear, Then Jericho, T.I.C. Circus Circus Circus and It Bites and The Clash.

I also produced, mixed and toured with The Stray Cats for their first three albums.

Starting around the mid 80's, I kept pretty busy and wrote, produced and re-mixed over thirty dance tracks. A few of these made the top ten.

In 1989 I returned to Los Angeles to work with Jane Child. That collaboration yielded me yet another #1 single and top ten record. I stayed on in LA and in 1993 I produced a track for Sade and provided under-score for the movie "Philadelphia." I received a Grammy™ nomination for my efforts. I worked with Joe Strummer on the score for Gross Point Blank. I also produced, and remixed a track for Bush "Mouth" which was used extensively in "An American Werewolf in Paris" That also reached the top Ten. During my L.A. stretch I worked with such diverse talent as: Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Call, Ice Cube, Black Grape, Epic Recording artists Sweetback(Sade's Band sans Sade), Brian Setzer, Jesse James, Ma'chele, Dudley Moore, Low Pop Suicide, Elastic Purejoy, Vitamade, El Centro and System 7.

I also started B5 Records in this time period with John Taylor of Duran Duran, Powerstation and Neurotic Outsiders. We released 4 records of John's and signed a couple of bands. Two other records besides John's solo record were released in the summer of '98. Besides music production and commercial music, I was the creator and producer of the Clash Tribute album "Burning London" and the Roxy Music Tribute (with JT) "Dream Home Heartaches" They were released on the B5 Atomic label and distributed by Sony Records. It featured high profile talents such as: Rancid, Third Eye Blind, 311, No Doubt, Billy Idol and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. All royalties were donated to The Los Angeles Children's Hospital - High Risk Youth Program devoted to helping homeless and wayward youths.

B5 provided music for movie soundtracks ranging from a trio of films for Extreme Ski filmmaker, Greg Stump, to Jonathan Demme's "Philadelphia." I also worked on the title theme song for "Batman Beyond" with Melissa Etheridge. I composed and mixed the score for "I Woke Up Early The Day I Died" starring Billy Zane also the soon to be released film "Big Kiss" starring Billy.

I provided original tracks for the PS2 games SSX,'SSX Tricky', 'Triple Play', and 'World Cup Soccer' for Electronic Arts.

My start in U.S. commercials came shortly after I returned to Hollywood beginning with seven J.C. Penney spots which aired during the 1989 Oscar telecast. My immediate success led me to form B5 Studios in 1990, and the establishment of my first state of the art recording facilities. This highly successful company led to the opening of two more locations in London and NYC. B5 Atomic (as it was re-branded) worked at the national and international level of the commercial and movie industries for 12 years. In that time we produced music for well over 400 spots and 10 Movies.

In Sept.'02, I started Finger Music. with John Murrell (London) . I was the Owner/Creative Director of Finger Music, with studios and offices in Los Angeles. London and NYC. My partial list of clients included: Coca-Cola, Reebok, AT&T, McDonalds, Nike, Nissan, Ford Gatorade, Carlsberg, Levis, Nicorette, Toyota, BMW, Tropicana, Tmobile, Pizza Hut, Peugeot, Sony, FedEx.

During my tenure, Boards Magazine voted Finger Music, in the Top Ten of International Music Houses.

I sold finger '09 and went traveling for two years, to get my vibe back.

During this time, I created a TV show called "Notes from a Vanishing Tribe" which has now been signed to GK Films and has Johnny Depp acting as Executive Producer through his production Company, Infinitum-Nihil.

Nowadays, I can be found writing and mixing in my studio on Abbot Kinney in Venice.